How to make an album in Musescore 3.0

• Jan 13, 2019 - 20:20

Making albums seems to have disappeared since upgrading from Muscscore 2 ?


I was just told it was eliminated but I hope it will be restored soon as it was very valuable when working with very large scores as Muscore slows down when > 200 measures with 20 parts

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Nice idea... until you find that copy + paste does not clone bunch of things like tempo changes, clefs, key signatures, meter ... So you have to do things twice and even worse you have to watch very carefully to see what is missing. That is just horrific.

Cutting and pasting doesn't seem work when there are different meters , it changes all the meters to the one you are pasting into . so for example if you have a 6/8 section and paste it on end of the 4/4 section , it changes the meter to 4/4 . Problem is that with many different meters (eg in an opera) you then have to go back and find all the meter changes or it is a mess . The album function didn't do that .

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Modern compositions have changing meters, rhythms and time signatures. The cut and paste method is a disaster. It doesn't copy and paste changing time signatures. After the paste, when you change the time signature of a measure, it just changes the measure by adding a rest or deleting a note.

I ask again: how do you easily append a midi piece of music to your working piece of music. If you can't, your software is useless. You should be able to click "open/append" and ... bingo... easy as that. Or "Insert/file"... and bingo

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The software is hardly useless, it's useful for very many things - just not that specific one. If you need to append one MIDI file to another, best to do that in a sequencer, which is designed for that. Then you can import the results and do as you will with the notation in MuseScore.

That said, no doubt someday there will be the ability to do more of this sort of thing within MuseScore.

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