Add "Same Accidental" to right-click Select > More options

• Jan 4, 2019 - 21:50
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S5 - Suggestion

Pleasing consider adding a selection option like "Same Accidental" to the right-click "Select > More" options. Currently, there is no way to differentiate notes base on accidental type (sharp, double-sharp, flat or double-flat). There are numerous circumstances where this may be desirable such as wanting to change the enharmonic spelling of specific accidentals on mass.

With such a feature, the user would select an accidental note, such as a double flat, and then select "Same Accidental" in the More options dialogue; the result, every note with a double-flat would be highlighted. This would apply for all accidental types (sharp, double-sharps, flat and double-flat) and natural notes, as well. If the user selected a natural note and then "Same Accidental" just natural notes would be selected.


If the user selected a natural note and then "Same Accidental" just natural notes would be selected

I would suggest there be an option of "No accidental" to differentiate between notes like an F-natural in the key of G with a natural sign an E-natural, which doesn't need an accidental in the same key. There of course is the problem to consider when you have two F-naturals in a measure in the key of G and the first has a natural sign and the second doesn't.

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The additional selection criteria could be something like "Same Key" which would select all the natural notes that are within the key signature. Alternatively, to simply things, start with just "Same Accidental" ("Same" implying absence of accidental as well) which, as I discussed, would highlight all the notes of the same accidental type, including natural notes with or without a natural sign: select a note with a natural sign, and all notes with a natural sign are selected; similarly select a note, with no natural sign or other accidental, and consequently all notes without any accidental marking are highlighted.