LH Fingering: automatic placement outside of the staff

• Dec 28, 2018 - 13:10

Can I have LH fingering text placed outside of the staff lines, above or below the note? In the screenshot attached I have manually positioned all the text elements in the first bar below the notes; I'm looking for a way to have it automatic. Thanks!

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Vertical offset is a fixed amount applied to vertical positioning of the text item: the same amount of vertical offset applied to all Fingering text items makes them follow the "waving" of the notes

Low notes might require a higher offset to have their fingering out of the staff: the same amount applied to higher notes would put their fingering very far away. (The reverse for putting fingering below the staff).

Generally speaking, I hate fingering numbers placed across staff lines or sitting on one of it: it makes for a really bad readability. A fixed offset can never account for avoiding staff lines... I remember Sibelius having a flag to put text of a given style always outside of the staff (either above or below), so if its offset put it over the staff it would be moved further.

Now, this is the default placement of fingering text in MS2 (I see it didn't change in MS3, or am I missing something?):

I find its readability to be very poor: numbers overlapping staff lines and other elements are confusing, and I don't like (but this is personal taste) them to "wave" parallel to the noteheads. I usually move manually all the fingering text below the notes:

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