Christmas list

• Dec 24, 2018 - 18:26

Dear Santa,

For Christmas (or at least sometime in the next year) I would like to see MuseScore 3 mature into the great program it should be. Here is what I would like to see to make this happen

  • Proper playback without problems with autosave
  • Staff type change that allows the staff type to actually change
  • Tremolos that look right, play right and get copied right
  • Smarter text layout
  • A reasonable list of instruments in the Orchestra section
  • MuseScore to remember which instrument list I'm working from after close and open
  • Fermatas that work and can be placed on barlines
  • Key and time signatures everywhere and only where they belong
  • Recognition of natural+sharp/flat accidentals in measures
  • The ability to change text to system text like in version 2
  • Lyrics that don't crash into other things
  • Smarter handling of invisible items
  • Grace notes that look and work right
  • An easier method to play only the part when looking at the part
  • Save selection that works
  • Make rest avoid beam rather than making beams avoid rests
  • Allow editing instrument names like in version 2.3.2 (double click...)
  • Easier editing of palettes
  • Single note dynamics change
  • beams across system breaks that look right
  • System text that can be repeated in the main score
  • Cross staff/voice arpeggios that work
  • Text that doesn't change font while editing
  • Two measure repeat sign
  • Support diatonic instruments
  • Ability to add accidentals to ornaments and for them to work
  • Falls that work
  • slide arpeggios (like on a trombone)
  • Plugins that work
  • to know what the PDF assistant is for and to see it work

I think the list got a little longer than I planned, but most of these are what I've seen asked for a lot.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone involved in MuseScore.


Oh, my, missed the Clausian overflight!
For next year I'd like

  • Channel control/assignment of individual parts (voices) on staff
  • GUI to edit instrument and articulation (default and instance) parameters (e.g., gate time).
  • PRE (piano-roll editor) function begin emigration to Inspector
  • MusicXML support for everything in the intersection with MuseScore, e.g., text etc placement, attack/release parameters.
  • My most fervent wish, "colla parte", i.e., multiple instruments reading from same notes (incl. mixer parms and poss. octave transpose).
  • Arpeggios that are not inhibited by the use of sub-voices in staves (kills every harpsichord continuo realization).
  • Another very fervent one, nice (not PRE) control over % of appoggiature (what % of ornamented note).
  • Control over beat-rate of trills and other ornaments.

+1 for cross-staff arpeggios. It's quite common in piano sheets.

Also for piano: small square bracket "[" that is put enclosing two notes to indicate fingering crushed with same finger (usually thumb). Sorry I don't know the official name of that notation, but it's quite common in piano sheets.

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FWIW maybe a explanation of my comment: Yesterday someone asked me to write down the notes and lyrics of a song. I did it and I'm aware about workarounds, but I think there's room for improvements concerning editing lyrics below a staff and appending text (such as using two columns for appending verses).

"slide arpeggios (like on a trombone)"
Do you mean portamento? If so, it's coming and will be a style of glisssando similar to chromatic, diatonic, white keys, etc

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Most of the things on my list had been previously discussed, some since version 1. I think we have a core group of people who are capable and willing to implement everything on the list. With my limited knowledge of programming, I think they should all be possible in version 3.0. I realize also that some will take more time than others. At the moment the emphasis really need to be on fixing bugs and restoring features that were either broken or forgotten between versions 2 & 3.

I did misspeak, I meant glissandos not arpeggios.

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