Multimeasure rests extend into other measures, through other parts of the score

• Dec 20, 2018 - 15:39
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Multimeasure rests can expand unnecessarily, and can display over other parts of the score.

The following use case taken from cadiz1 ( reproduces the issue:

1) Load attached score, select Continuous View
2) Click first note C top staff -> Ctrl + L -> Press Space bar (or "_ " for enter melisma) a good deal into the score
Note the initial mm rest (marked 3) continue to expand while you add space. (Also when you press Cmd-Z in between.)
3) Toggle to Page View
Result: the mm rest expands on multiple pages.

After Save/Close/Reload, the layout reverts as expected.
Schermafdruk 2018-12-20 16.38.35.png

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Can you explain more about how this score got to this state - was it created in an earlier beta, created in 2.3.2 then imported into an earlier beta, created from scratch in current beta, ... ?

It started as a midi input in MS 2.3.2. I attach that file.
I then did some editing in 2.3.2, including some extra rests at the beginning to create a multi-measure rest. That file is also attached.
Then I switched to MS3, not the official beta but one of the nightly builds, where I did some further editing, in particular I added lyrics. This is where the problem became manifest.

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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 7e3f03b

I forgot a bit this issue in the forum. The problem arises in continuous view and when adding lyrics. By adding space/melisma/other letter/and also Crtl + Z, in a "infinite" way, the mm rest continues to expand.
Result: when toggling then in Page view, the mm rest crosses through the pages.
The issue fixes itself by saving the score (ok when reloading)
And so, I don't exactly how to consider this issue. To fix, for sure, but what severity, don't know really right now.

Test file: test.mscz



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Thanks again for the analysis! Seems also the issue requires multiple staves in order to be reproducible - at least, I couldn't reproduce from scratch with only a single stave, and the issue went away in the above example when I removed the alto staff.

So summarizing:

1) issue requires multiple staves, continuous view, and multimeasure rests
2) issue occurs when entering lyrics
3) expanded rest is noticeable while in continuous view but more of curiosity than a major hindrance
4) issue is more obviously a problem on switching to page view
3) issue fixes itself on reload

Correct? Seems another symptom of same bug as #277821: Multimeasure rests extend when editing an element later in the score that for whatever reason was not fixed by the code change that addressed the other symptoms.

It is that.
"But more of curiosity than a major hindrance"
My feeling too (spectacular/unexpected, so to be fixed, but harmless, except contrary proof)

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Since my Node # 280518 was merged with this one, I read Marc Sabatella's summary.

"But more of curiosity than a major hindrance"
The error occurred to me when I was trying to reformat a larger file with MS3-RC to get a feeling for the new version. Suddenly, after a few actions that I can not quite remember, a mm-rest took a whole line and I could not undo this by any means. How should a user know that he has to save the file and reload it?

I worked hard to find a minimal test scenario that could provoke the error. It's made for easy testing, not to show a curiosity. Now I can disagree with Mario:
1. No, it does not need a continuous view. The error also occurs in the normal page mode.
2. In my example you do not have to enter lyrics.

Thanks for the time. Indeed, in page view too. But as for the initial issue, this issue fixes itself after saving and reloading the score. Are you agree with that?
(and that's for why it would be more about hindrance that real major issue - to be fixed, of course, I agree)

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  1. Yes, I can confirm that the issue fixes itself after saving and reloading the score. (So, if the user knows he should do that, he has a workaround.)

  2. Yes, I can confirm that there must be at least 2 staves for the error to occur.

  3. Yes, there are more serious problems with the new version (unfortunately, so it will be some time before it is really ready for practical use).

But you have noticed yourself that even the undo function does not work, but amplifies the error. So, you should not classify the problem as insignificant.

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