Shifting lyrics after copying where melisma causes copy to shift

• Dec 14, 2018 - 17:29

I've hunted high and low and I'm thinking this may not be possible, but I have a four-part vocal which has lyrics. I typed in the lyrics for the first voice, using a melisma where there was a pitch shift during a sustained word. In the second voice, that word holds a single pitch.

I copied the text using the "select same elements this staff" and then pasted to the second voice. The melisma then extends into the first pitch of the next phrase shifting all the subsequent lyrics ahead. I cannot figure out a way to delete the melisma AND shift the remaining lyrics backwards. Is there a way to do this?

Next line, that same word extends over four pitches, so... that'll be a new problem! Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Thanks Shoichi, but I'm not understanding how to use this solution. I'm attaching a pared down sample which shows the problem. The first 4 measures show the text copied from line one and pasted to each of the next two lines. Since the melisma wants to extend for the same amount of notes in each line, you can see how everything after the second bar is shifted. It's not too difficult to fix, I've just retyped it after the melisma... but I thought it was something that I'd like to learn if there was a better way. You can see the final/full version here:

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Ahhh... I was missing how to select just a section of text. Now I get it. I was selecting a text element and then selecting more of that element and it was giving me the whole text. Now I know to select the specific measures containing the text Thank you for explaining it to me!

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