Importing PDF

• Nov 8, 2018 - 23:34

I tried to import a PDF into musescore using the converter on the website and it says it was successfully downloaded but when I open it in the the app all I see is a blank white page. Am I doing something wrong?


Not necessarily. Did you look at the second page to see if there is anything there? Sometimes the import yields unusable results, it often results in complete failure, but I haven't heard of it produced an empty page before. Feel free to attach the file so we can take a look.

Hi Marc- I have the same result as gmitch.

I uploaded this file to the converter: daintree-gtr (dragged) 2.pdf
... and got this one back after a 'successful' import: 06cf04c8c3debf524becfd77bcf81e3a39b61c88.mscz

An observation is that the files which are converted to 'blank' pages have the file name converted to a hex code (would this be a tag used by the converter for queuing and processing files?)- this has happened on about 5 pdf imports. Normally the original file name is returned. And there were no other pages returned- only the one.

Any help is appreciated,



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