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• Nov 27, 2018 - 06:36

It is tricky to change the rythmics afterwards. For instance to get a rest on the first beat. If the duration of a note changes, musescore fills automatically rests in, but they are often not on the place where I want them to be. So it would be great to have the function to exchange the position of a note and a rest. Or the possibility to move a rest with the mouse.


Actually, it's simple to get a rest on the first beat. You enter a rest on the first beat just like you enter a note on the first beat: first select the duration, then type the shortcut, which for rest is 0 (or use the toolbar to select the rest icon then click on the staff if you've got extra time to kill). No need to slow things down even further by entering things wrong then trying to fix them later - just enter them right to begin with, much easier and faster.

Click below for my Quick Answer on how to enter rests:

Enter Rests
Enter Rests


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So now you're talking about lyrics and notes. So, if you want a rest on the first beat, why would you need a lyric text also on the first beat?

If you want to move both notes and lyrics from the first beat to the second beat, cut from the first beat and paste into the second beat.

Please attach a sample score showing exactly what you wish to accomplish.

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As mentioned above, cut and paste already does this and more - note just exchanging a note with the next or previous note/rest, but moving it anywhere. Just select the note and attached elements (a "range" selection, eg, Shift+click it), Ctrl+X to cut, click where you want it move it to, Ctrl+V to paste.

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