Allow user to select order of notes on same beat.

• Nov 17, 2018 - 12:04
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I have this score portion where a D note has a tie from the previous measure and another D note happens at the same instant (in another voice) but with different duration (it has a dot).

This is how I managed to enter them:
Although this is only a visual issue, there's no way to have the same passage with the stems in the opposite directions, because the notes get reordered:
I've searched the forum too but there doesn't seem to be a command to keep the tied note on the left and the dotted note on the right as they are when the stems are upward.


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This seems to be an intentional design feature not a bug. You have the ability to override the order of the notes by using the inspector. Use the Chord section, the element section will only move the note heads. Make the horizontal offset positive for the one that is currently on the left and negative for the one on the right. The exact number to use depends upon too many factors to give you better than a guess that 1 and -1 will get you started, but will no doubt not make you happy.

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Thanks for the suggestion, however I always consider manual edits to be the very last resource and I try to avoid them as much as possible - they must be repeated each time and in case of larger staff edits they can mess with the automatic note placement.

In this case, since the software already reorders the notes upon stem flipping, I don't see why an additional "chord vertical flip" or similar command could not be added or at least evaluated; IMHO this could be turned perhaps, to a feature request / suggestion.

better check whether 3.0 (alpha 2 or a later development build) is working better on those occasions.
2.3 won't receive any fixes, but if 3.0 has the same issue this would be different

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Title Flipping same instant notes also permanently reorders them (tie present) Allow user to select order of notes on same beat.
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I don't like manual edits either, because they they don't always stay the same when the score is later edited as you suggested. I tested version 3 and got the same results as version 2.x, but it's possible I'm missing something.

I've run across this in other situations so I'm very much in favor of this becoming a feature request so the user can determine the order of notes. Any suggestion on the UI would be helpful to someone writing the code for this.