Drum palette height is too small

• Oct 16, 2018 - 04:52

Is there a way to resize the drum palette? Its height is quite small on my computer. I cannot see all the drum notes and I need to blindly pick a note until I find the right one. On some other topics I see people having a similar problem if they have an external monitor connected, but I don't have such a setup. My screen resolution is 3840x2160. If I change the resolution to 1920x1200 it helps to a point, but I still see the scroll bar on the side of the drum palette. The palettes on the left side can be resized, but this one seems to decide the size itself and there does not seem to be a way to change it.


Hmm, this shouldn't be the case - the palette should size itself. Is it only the drum palette that presents problems? Are the regular palettes readable? The toolbar icons and menu text? How about the size of the score itself - at 100% view, if it the same physical size on screen that it would be printed? What OS, what version of MuseScore? And can you post a screenshot to help us understand?

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Yes, it is only the drum palette. Other palettes are good, and I can resize them anyways. Menu, toolbar and the scores are good as well. When I print the score is also good. The only other anomaly I can see is when I first launch MuseScore, the items in the StartCenter dialog box are very small, including text.

The OS is Windows 10, the machine is Lenovo Flex5 with NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. MuseScore version is 2.3.2. I also uploaded the screenshot.

Thanks for your help.

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Does it still look the same after the factory reset with the default resolution? As I said, things seem "off" in that screenshot - relative sizes of things are not right. Are you perhaps starting MuseScore with either the "-D" or "-x" option? Or do you have some Windows setting to attempt to scale things? What's the physical size of the monitor? Is the score "life size" on screen (same size as printed)?

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Yes, it is the same before and after the factory reset.

I checked with one of my prints with the screen by putting it on the screen. The page size and the staff heights are exactly the same. The staff width on the screen is slightly small, maybe 2-3 %. But since my problem is with the height, and staff heights are good, I am not sure if that would be the issue.

I start MuseScore with default options, I don't pass any flags to the command-line. However, as a test, I started MuseScore with -D 300, 600, 200 and 100 options. 300 came the same as default (or at least it seemed to me that way), but it had the problem with the palette. 100 was the only option where I could see all the notes in the palette, but everything was very small across the board. I also tried with -x 3, 2.5, 2, and 1. -x 2.5 was like -D 300, and -x 1 was almost like -D 100.

My screen size is 15.6" . On the Windows Display settings, scale ratio is 250%, which is the recommended value. I changed it to 100% to see if that has any effect, however the drumset still came out wrong. Menu items were also very small, but the sheet and the notes on it were still correct, meaning the print matched what is on the screen.

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Thanks, but 282 looks the same way as well. I tried various dpi values. Up to 139, the drum palette showed with no scroll bar, but the letters on the drum palette that were referencing the drum notes were covering the drum staff and the notes on the palette. Other menu items and sheet were smaller as well.

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I guess that 250% scale in Windows is throwing things off. You could try setting it back to 100% but then finding a setting to override the text only, which at least used to be possible in Windows, not sure if it still is.

Unfortunately, there is pretty much no standardization in how different systems treat high-resolution displays, so it's extremely difficult for cross-platform applications (or even single-platform ones that have to deal with different OS versions, different physical displays, etc) work correctly out of the box in all cases.

Anyhow, all of this has to do with why the default height of the window might not be correct, but it should be possible to resize the drum palette. Maybe try again? For me, it only resizes slightly, I can't get it to shrink enough to require scroll bars, but the control definitely activates.

My drum set was pretty small but it was horizontal and at the bottom of the page. It has suddenly gone to the top left hand side of the page and is about 1"x1" in size. I don't know why. It's impossible to choose anything from it.

Hi Tolga,
I just had the same issue with a 4k monitor. I found a workaround that I post here, as it might help other users:

  1. Right click Musescore Shortcut and under Compatibility-> Run in compatibility mode Windows Vista
    Now all the icons will be too big, so:
  2. Under Musescore->Edit->Preferences set the icon size to the smallest possible, 6x6 px
  3. You can also scale the size of the icons in the palettes individually (... -> Palette properties)

I didn't find scale options for the drum Palette, but better too big than too small, I guess.

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