Version 2.3.2

• Oct 14, 2018 - 17:20

Does Version 2.3.2 change, add, or delete any of the current default soundfonts or change, add, or delete any of various options on the mixer?


If by "current" you mean the previous released version 2.3.1, or 2.3, or even 2.2, then no significant changes. the relatively big one was going from 2.1 to 2.2, when the default FluidR3 was replaced by MuseScore_General. Even that wasn't really a huge change, as many sounds were carried over from FluidR3, but some were replaced and others reworked, so some scores would see more change than others. Since then, though, just some much smaller playback tweaks, at least on the Fluid (SF2/SF3) side. Zerberus is another matter, but that's not the default.

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The immediate prior version was 2.3.1. Here are the release notes, you can see for yourself what changed:…

As you can see, a few fixes in Zerberus, also a fix for a regression involving overlapping notes that should do nothing but improve things. If you don't actually 2.3.1 but an older release, feel free to do a search on the release notes for the intervening releases to see what else might have changed, but you'll see there is not much that would affect playback with Fluid.

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