V1 score called "corrupted" in V3

• Sep 24, 2018 - 22:08

Apologies if this is not the place to report a v3 problem.

Although other V1 scores I have briefly tested in v3 seemed to load appropriately, this one does not.


V3 reports a "corrupted" measure 56...

Measure 56 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 22/24

...and indeed, if i click through the warning, that measure (numbered "51") is messed up, but it did load and display and play as expected in v1 and v2.

It is not clear what I would need to correct in v1 or v2 to make v3 happy.

Another visible problem is that text that was center-justified in V1 displays as right-justified in v2 and v3.


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The measure does load correctly if I do that. I'm not sure that the end users who have downloaded this file and files like it will know enough to find this solution in this thread on this forum.

Also, the text and formatting problems that v2 introduces remain when the file is loaded in v3

First page as composed in v1...


Current result in v3 after resave in v2...


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