Musescore on Ipad gives blank sheets

• Sep 13, 2018 - 03:45

I got an Ipad thinking this would be great to read sheet music on, but all the scores I try are blank.
They can still play, but I don't see the score itself.
I can also see the turning page animation.

The Ipad Ios is 9.3.5


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The "org" forum vs "com" groups is indeed unintuitive and confusing.

The Songbook issue is a can of worms. The Ultimate Guitar Musescore team is stalling the re-upload of Songbook 1.13 to App Store, even though the Musescore app v2.0 is rife with bugs. There are some suggestions on for workarounds:,

among them:
- borrow an Android and download Songbook from Amazon, or
- export your score to MusicXML format from Musescore desktop, and use an XML reader. There is even a webbased XMLreader that will tide you over:

Feel free to add your comments on the thread

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