Is there a way to add solfa notation like lyrics?

• Sep 11, 2018 - 05:19

Hi members, I wish to know if we can add solfa to songs with auto spacing like the lyrics. The attachment demonstrates how i have added the solfa but everything is manual:
i. Adding solfa as system text (Ctrl + T).
ii. Inserting spaces in to add note values.
iii. Moving dynamics above the system text so they don't overlap.

The problem arises when adjusting page margins thereby, having to add or remove spaces between them.

Please tell me if you have a better way to add sol-fa notation.

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Hi Javaspell1,
When writing lyrics, the spacebar will move the insertion point to the next note.

My workaround is to
1) export to xml
2) import an old copy of Sibelius (7.1)
3) use solfége-plugin (free) to automatically generate solfa tekst
4) export to xml
5) import in Musescore

Best regards,

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