Cleaning Up Default Formatting

• Sep 3, 2018 - 21:45

Two versions of the same question here... The simpler one first...

1.) Suppose all you have is a melody in one voice, you select those notes, and then hit "Exchange 1 for 2". MuseScore will put the melody in the second voice. Consequently, it will leave a bunch of rests where voice one used to be. It's possible to select and delete, but it still shows up as grayed out. Is it possible to hide it completely? It's clouding up my score.

2.) The above problem isn't too bad with "hand written" input using the mouse, but when I pull in not-dehumanized, non-quantized midi I've recorded in other apps - the scores are really a mess. Is there a good way to clean them up so they are quantized better and have fewer unnecessary notations?


1) Counterquestion: If you're leaving voice 1 entirely empty and hide it, leaving only voice 2 visible there; then why bother at all and not simply leave the entered notes in voice 1?

2) you can play a bit with the different settings during MIDI import (such as allowed number of voices). But if quantifying is your goal, I'd advise you to turn to a dedicated MIDI-editor first.

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To expand on 1) further, I'd put it this way: while voice 1 doesn't have to be the melody, it has to be something. Don't even think about entering notes or moving notes into any other voices without a clear plan for what you plan to do to completely account for all beats in voice 1.

Which is to say, if you've got a melody that's partially in voice 1 and partially in voice 2, don't attempting to fix it by moving everything to voice 2 - fix it by moving everything to voice 1. Then you can freely delete the voice 2 rests.

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