Copy paste (just) notes?

• Aug 28, 2018 - 18:41

Hi all,

I would like to copy the notes and rests (no chords) from a range of bars and paste them elsewhere in my score. The way I thought this was done was to:
1. Highlight the bars with the notes you want to copy using mouse plus shift or CTRL (windows here)
2. Right click on a note
3. Click Select from the menu, all similar elements in range selection
4. CTRL-C (copy)
5. Mouse to 1st bar in the range that will receive the paste, highlight that bar
6. CTRL-V (paste)

and it didn't work.

I also tried (1) being in note input mode before pasting, (2) highlighting the range of bars where the paste is to occur, and (3) highlighting the first rest in the first bar of the region where I want the paste to occur.... all failed to permit my pasting of the selected notes and rests.

What am I doing wrong? ((I'm sure I've asked this a few years ago, but could not find the answer after searching the forum and simply don't remember the correct sequence of key strokes... Sorry for asking again.))

Thanks for the help,



If your goal is to make the notes replace existing notes without regards to different rhythms, this is not possible. To copy a section of notes, you must select the start point and use shift+click (or other shift + arrow/tab combinations) to make a continuous selection. You can filter out items by unchecking them in the Filter Selector (toggled using F6) before copying, but the notes with their rhythms will be pasted at the destination.

It's not totally unreasonable to hope that your method would work, but it doesn't because copy and paste of notes requires a range selection (everything in blue rectangle) rather than a list selection (just the highlighted elements). Consider, what should happen if you list-selected (maybe using Ctrl+click) five random notes on five different pages of your score, then tried to copy and paste them somewhere?

Anyhow, as mentioned above, View / Selection Filter is what you need. Do the range selection, then deselect "Chord Symbols" in the filter.

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Thanks to both of you for your quick answers. I never knew about or used the Selection filter... simply wonderful!

BTW, Marc, I liked your example of why my copy 'n paste wouldn't work; it brought out the problems in the way I was trying to do it. Thank you.

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