still have problem about Exporting score to Mp3

• Apr 10, 2018 - 05:04

i've still the same problem about to try to export in "mp3"
i also do all step ...

but still the same problem


From the handbook:

Some Mac users may find MuseScore encounters an error loading the MP3 library, possibly due to that library being a 32-bit library. A 64-bit build that will work with MuseScore is available from (note that it is necessary to rename the file to libmp3lame.dylib for MuseScore to recognize it). Homebrew users just need to run brew install lame.

Basically this is the same what has been found in the issue Shoichi linked to, #46801: [Mac OS X] MuseScore can't open LAME library for MP3 export.

Hi I can't save musescore file as mp3
Where am I suppossed to put the libmp3lame.dylib file?

Also I can't load sound fonts : CompifontORCHESTRAL_NEW.sf2 or CompiFontREST.sf2 Can you help

please help me?
Manny 9177049870 or here?

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