Integration with Reason?

• Aug 4, 2018 - 17:25

As a software engineer and musician (funny how those two seem to go hand-in-hand), I'm really interested in bringing MuseCore and Reason together. Has any sort of attempt been made at this?

I do some noodling with the Reason SDK (I've been using Reason since 1.0), and I'm just starting to dig into the MuseCore API. Has anyone started anything like this? I'm not sure, exactly, where I want to go with it, but it seems like it would be a formidable combination...


They should work together just fine - possibly using the direct MIDI out from MuseScore (I haven't tried that) but certainly using JACK to connect them. No messing with any SDK;s or API's needed at all.

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That's cool. Granted, I'm just playing around, but I'm thinking about something a bit more tight-knit, like a ReWire, or even a VST plugin. I started out working with Logic and Cubase, and I kind of miss the (although somewhat tenuous) integration between scoring and production. Seems like it could be a fun little rabbit hole to play with.

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Honestly, Marc, I have no idea right now. I've just started my dive into MuseScore and, being a Reason user for so long, the possibilities seemed pretty cool. For example, Reason 9+ plus has a really awesome chord rack unit, and there is so much that you can do with the various instruments, given the finesse with which things can be controlled - it seems like it could be an awesome place for an improvisational tool.

Call me a dreamer... ;)

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4 years on, Im on R10 on a rebound after 5 years away. R10 is very impressive now and sooooo much easier to set up than R8 days. IMHO MS$ suffers from a lack of time grid as per seq track etc. Its hard to get score renderings into midi, particularly for expression and swing etc. Midi = mechanical
I dont know how well drumming notation does in MS4 (Im KB)

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