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• Jul 22, 2018 - 13:48

As a Finale user for more than 30 years, I discovered that Muse Score was a better tool to create lute tabs. (Shame on Finale!) Using Muse Score I ran into one problem: The rhythm notation of 8-notes was not consequent using the French style: The first 8-note in groups of two was just a line without notehead, but the second was as expected. Is this a known bug, or have is there a solution for this. I attach a file to show this. (I use the 2.1 Mac version of the program)

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I have tried different ways to solve the problem, and found that it is an import issue. I had written the score in notes in Finale, exported it as a music xml file, imported it in Musescore, and pasted the notes into a lute tab staff. When I wrote the bars with eight-notes in Musescore and pasted it into the tab, it worked perfect. Your solution was a bit faster. Thank you!

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