Crashes in 2.3 Beta w/ musescore drumline

• Jun 20, 2018 - 23:40

In the musescore 2.3 Dev version, while clicking through sounds in drum input mode with the MDL Snare-line instrument, the application crashed on me. Also on the subject of MDL, when I switched the snareline's sound in the mixer from standard to MDL Snareline, i found that the snare hit, knock and many other sounds don't work.

Also, i am experiencing the same problem that is marked as fixed here.
Do I need download updates from github to get these fixes, and if so, how?


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? Dragging doesn't work for me in 2.2. At least, not to add a note to the score. I now see that I can drag notes around within the drum palette. Not sure if that was intended or not or what ill-effects if any might follow...

EDIT: I take it back, I can force drag & drop to work if I drop directly onto an existing note or rest only. Again, not sure that was ever intended to work or that it wouldn't cause problems.

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