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• Jun 2, 2018 - 01:17
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Sometimes a part is nearly complete but a necessity for separate Ossia or cue note staff is realized after finalizing the part. Currently, fixing this requires making an entirely new part in order to contain the new staff. Unfortunately, this means all adjustments to the existing part are lost (text sizes, placement, system breaks, etc.). This can cause a great deal of extra work on large scores!

It would be fantastic if one could simply edit the staves contained within the part. That is: no longer grey out the selections in the Parts dialog after closing the window (as is noted in the similar idea to rename parts).


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Status active fixed
Reported version 3.0

This is already being addressed in version 3.0 when it finally comes out. It will be very easy to add an ossia to an existing instrument. You can test it in the master nightlies, but be aware that the scores made by it may never open again and will likely cause 2.x to crash. See and chose your operating system. Testing things such as the ossia is encouraged to ensure it works.

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Thanks for the quick reply, mike320.

I'm glad to hear this issue is being addressed in 3.0. I hope that the ability to add/edit staffs/instruments of parts (via the Parts dialog) is one of the possible methods. I know Marc_Sabatella mentioned on IRC that the "proper" way would be to be sure the staff is added "under" (as a child of) the same instrument, but that currently this bug prevents it from functioning as intended. Still, it seems to me there may be times when someone does not want both staves automatically placed in the part, and, from a UI perspective, I think it would be much clearer to let the Parts dialog elements be edited.

Unfortunately, my hardware is NoSSE2, so I doubt I can try out the nightlies. I'm also worried that there will be no more NoSSE2 version come 3.0, so I'll just have to hope that a fix makes it in for 2.3. :)

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This is a community project. You can do anything you want with the status, but the problem is that the internal format of the score is being changed to accommodate the ossia feature in version 3.0. The developers will not incorporate such a change into a minor (2.x) revision since it will break backward compatibility. The developers want to make sure version 2.0 can open all scores made with all version 2.x releases with as few differences as possible. The ossia feature would cause version 2.2.1 and earlier to not be able to open the score.

If I were wrong, one of the programmers would have changed the status by now and any change you make would likely be "fixed" by someone else.

As far as Version 7 of Windows is concerned, Microsoft stopped supporting it some time ago, so the current support in MuseScore is actually surprising to me. It might be time to consider upgrading your computer if you want better versions of programs. MuseScore might be the only program you care about, but there have been a lot of improvements in other programs since XP and later versions of windows was released.

Windows 7 is still supported and well be for some more years. XP and Vista are not supported anymore since a few years. By Micrtosoft that is.
MuseScore versions for system without SSE2 are not supported, not my MuseScore, but are being provided by a community member.

Reported version 3.0 2.3

Thank you both for the replies.

Is it correct that implementing the ability to change the staves in a part requires a change that breaks backward-compatibility? I obviously don't know the inner-workings of the code, but this seems strange to me. I certainly recognize the importance of maintaining score-backward-compatibility among major version numbers, and indeed appreciate it! However, I'm surprised there isn't another way to accomplish this that is simpler/less-pervasive. Or is it that there is/could be one, but the more complicated (compatibility-breaking) version is already written?

I'm going to change this to 2.3-dev in hopes of a possible fix in time. I'd like if this could remain until it either gets implemented or version 2.3 is released. However, not being a developer, I understand if this makes things difficult organizationally, so if it gets changed back prior to release, so be it, I guess.

Regarding my lack of SSE2: I agree that in an ideal world I could simply obtain new hardware. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that I'll be able to run newer versions of MuseScore a little while longer yet. Could someone put me in touch with the community member who compiles the NoSSE2 version? I'd like to thank them as well as ask what the plans/prospects are for v3.0.