Is there a way to make a keyboard shortcut for a palette object?

• Jun 4, 2018 - 16:39

There are some pre-defined keyboard shortcuts that are very useful, such as "S" for slur, "SHIFT+S" for staccato, and "CTRL+M" for rehearsal mark. However, for example, the latter functions differently than when clicking on it in a palette (which automatically fills in the rehearsal mark). I'd like to be able to assign that functionality to a keyboard shortcut.

This applies to other palette items such as time signatures, barlines, dynamics, etc. (as well as clefs--which, although treble/bass clef seem to have an action for a keyboard shortcut in the preferences window, refuse to function regardless of the keyboard shortcut I set for them). It'd be great, for example, to be able to set "P" to inserting a dynamic, for example.

If this is not already possible, is there an existing feature request for it?


Not currently. Hopefully version 3.0 will allow for this. There was work done last summer by a student that would make this possible if his work is incorporated into version 3.

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Hi mike320,

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm sorry to hear it's not possible yet. I'll submit a feature request (and hope it makes it into 2.3!).

Out of curiosity: do you by chance know why the existing shortcuts for "Add bass clef" and "Add treble clef" don't work? They were assigned to "CTRL+Y,CTRL+2" by default, which obviously conflicts with "redo" (which is almost universally assigned to "CTRL+Y"). Still, I thought perhaps MuseScore had a special way of processing multiple key stroke commands (i.e. hold CTRL, press one letter, press another letter, release CTRL), and so found a first key that was by default clear and tried to assign that in a sequence to no avail.

Just now I also tried assigning it to something simple like "L" which also failed.

Are multi-stroke keyboard shortcuts possible? I.e. are there any that do work? "Add Ottava" seems to be the other default ones, which also fail for me.


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I've never tried to add a clef using a shortcut. There are some shortcuts that I know do not work. Since I haven't been using MuseScore from the beginning I don't know if they are holdovers from previous versions, experimental processes or items the developers hope to add some day.

As far a multiple key shortcuts are concerned, the work perfectly if you ensure the first one does not conflict with a single key shortcut. MuseScore does not check for this conflict, though it should. Using a multi-key shortcut with the first key defined for another purpose will result in unpredictable results when using the multi-key shortcut. I have defined several multi-key shortcuts to my system so I can avoid using my right hand to type letters on the keyboard.

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Multi-stroke shortcuts do indeed work in general. But it is true that Ctrl+Y conflict with an OS shortcut, and it's also the case that the clef shortcut basically doesn't work no matter how it is defined :-(. Pretty sure it worked once, I may have inadvertently broken it when I made some improvements to how the palette clefs were handled (eg, to allow them to be applied on double-click of a range). But ottavas work fine - assign Y,O,A instead of Ctrl+Y,Ctrl+O,Ctrl+A and you'll see.

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