Musescore to Sibelius?

• May 22, 2018 - 14:06

Hi I have just written a piano tuitorial and in my rough layouts have used musescore. I now need to transfer many scores and tunes to Sibelius. Can i do this? Many thanks!!


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I had a problem with this, Sibelius can't open the XML file I exported, none of the three different options in the export window work. I'm just trying to get a score into Sibelius so I can fiddle with the automatic accenting and dynamics which are not present in MuseScore.

Assuming you stuck to relatively simple notations and didn't do a lot of manual adjustments in MuseScore, then exporting to MusicXML and importing the result using Sibelius should be pretty good, and Sibelius "magnetic layout" may even be such that for a few of the simplest cases, it may take less time to get looking good in Sibelius than in MuseScore. Overall, though, unless there is a really strong reason to need to use Sibelius for this (like you are working with a publisher that requires it), I'd expect the whole exercises to take a lot longer than it could possibly be worth.

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Yes, it is for a publisher and layout for my piano tuition book. Otherwise wouldn't bother to try and learn the more complex sibelius...but think it may be time now. So it's just a question of exporting XML files from musescore on a pc to uploading them into sibelius on a mac...(which is my set up) ?? Thanks for the help

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I'm still a little confused. Is the publisher telling you that it has to be Sibelius, or are you just assuming they would prefer it? The only reason I could see them insisting on it is if they plan to create / edit the examples themselves.

But anyhow, yes, export MusicXML from MuseScore, then import / open that using Sibelius (not sure what the menu item is called for them).

Update on this thread. I exported a score using File - export and saved it in XML. My editor has just told me she couldn't open it in sibelius. Can anyone give the steps/tips for opening in sibelius please? The file is definitely XML.
I have just seen i have 3 choices when saving...normal xml, compressed and uncompressed. I think i used the normal. The score is small, only one page btw.
Many thanks

Whilst i'm here....i want to update my version of Musescore ( have 2.0.2 ) which works fine for me. But i remember when i updated before i had a whole new Musescore that i had to re-save everything into which is why i am dubious about doing the same again. Can i just update without having to upgrade and then have lots of old versions on my pc?

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the current MuseScore 2.3.1 is (almost) fully compatible with 2.0.2, no need to redo your score except for some very few exceptions, mainly ones where the previous behavoir was plain wrong and you used workarounds, which are now no longer needed.
For details check the release notes, esp. the short sections about compatibility in some of them, like

In 2.0.2 however the above remark about possibly having to rename MusicXML files from .musicxml to .xml is not an issue, so the reason for the XML import problems in Sibelius got to have a different reason.

just seen this in the hand book. does it mean my version 2.0.2 can't export xml?

'As of version 2.2, MuseScore exports as .musicxml, and imports both, *.xml and *.musicxml.'

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".musicxml" is just the new official extension for files in the MusicXML format that formerly used the extension ".xml". It the exact same format, just a name change. If your editor is using version of Sibelius that doesn't know about this change, no problem, just rename the file yourself, or ask him/her to do it.

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This is what i sent her. I have upgraded Musescore to 2.3.1. She has Sibelius6 ( have removed now )

Shoichi, thanks for the steps on what to do....
For clarification, do I save as musicxml as per normal. Then R click on file and delete the 'music'? Then see if it works with this new name?

Any more info on whether i should save as compressed ( xml ) or uncompressed ( musicmxl ) file/

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Hi Shoichi. I have saved a folder with about 50 mscz files. Then copied it. I want to change this copied folder from mscz to PDF. I haven't yet downloaded the app, but assume i can chose just this folder ( as you said a specified folder ) and convert this folder only. My question is - will it affect the other folder with same file names or will it just convert this copied folder only?
Many thanks...much appreciate your help!

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One of the main problems is Sibelius 6 itself. This is when the Finn brothers sold Sibelius to Avid to avoid bankruptcy. Sibelius 6 is buggy. Sibelius 7 corrected bugs and added new bugs, also when they changed to ribbon format. Maybe they need to upgrade to 8 or higher perpetual license.

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So, she "works for top publishing houses" and uses software from 2009? I assume she's just a contractor for your publisher. Sorry to break the bad news but if she can't update her toolset (or isn't willing to) than maybe it's time to switch to a contractor that can perform such a (trivial, if I mightr say so) task. Sibelius 6 xml import is absolutely broken. What does she expect? That you provide her with Sibelius 6 files (her Sibelius won't be able to import Sibelius files from later versions). Oh, and even if you are able to get hold of a legal copy of an old version you'd probably need to also install an old version of your OS ofchoice (Sibelius 6 does not work reliably on modern MacOS versions).

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You have assumed much rmattes. What is positive about this forum is that advice is generously given to all levels of users. Some of whom are struggling Luddites like myself who are keen to learn. FYI the editor, that I have employed, usually inputs from PDF files. Yes, she has produced many books on sib6. How long she can continue to i don't know. But It is possible to work professionally on a version that works for you and not be caught up in the obsoletion cycle.

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