Group practice - playing a score in multiple Songbook apps at the same time?

• May 14, 2018 - 10:34

How can one trigger multiple Songbook apps, both iOS/Android, so that playback of a score is synchronized? It would have to be via Bluetooth or, preferably, WiFi. This would be useful for choirs, orchestras ensembles.

- initially it would involve some manual set-up
- all users have the same score in their Songbook
- score is set to the same tempo

Each user would have his individual view and mix.

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Thank you, Jojo-Schmitz!

Broadcasting is a good idea for musicians who are good at reading notes and can handle large scores.

What I am looking for is the possibility for each musician to hear their own audio mix and limit the visual to their own part, while following the group. I will air this in the groups you suggested.

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Exactly. Also having an individual audio mix would be useful. Synchronizing Songbook apps seems to be a good solution, by simply having many Songbooks
- start at the same time,
- at the same place in the score
- play at the same tempo
- stop at the same time

Sort of a "Musescore Conductor".

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