Score not updating.

• Apr 1, 2018 - 20:25

I'm trying to update one of my scores but the changes do not show. It says it is revising it, but when the "new version" shows up, the changes are not made. I tried saving it as a new file and updating the score as that one, but the same problem happens. Any ideas? I am trying to add some slurs near the end, and an accent on the last note.


Save the revised score under a new name. Close MuseScore and any other program you have running. Reboot. Restart MuseScore, open the revised score, and upload it as a new score. Once you are certain the new version has been uploaded properly, delete the old version from your MuseScore score list.

Did you try out both possibilities?:

  • inside the application "save online"->"update the existing score"
  • inside your account "update this score"->"replace"

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