Increasing the vertical height of staff to get more room for lyrics

• Apr 1, 2018 - 01:17

Title says it all. I'd like to stretch my staves out vertically so I have more room between the treble and bass for lyrics etc. I searched but couldn't find anything addressing this particular issue-- is this something that is possible on this software?


There are quite a few different parameters you can adjust to position lyrics properly in your score; most of these parameters are available from the main menu:
1. STYLE>General>Page>Lyrics Top margin / Bottom margin
2. STYLE>General>Page>Staff distance
3. STYLE>General>Page>Lyrics Line Height
4. STYLE>Text>Lyrics Odd Lines / Even Lines > Offset> Horizontal / Vertical
5. STYLE>Text>Lyrics Odd Lines / Even Lines > Font & Size
6. STYLE>Text>Lyrics Odd Lines / Even Lines > Alignment > Horizontal / Vertical

There is also a parameter available from the context ('right click') menu for each staff, which enables the user to add a fixed amount of space between any two staves in a system to allow for high or low notes which could collide with lyrics or bass figuring:
1. STAFF PROPERTIES>Extra Distance Above Staff

Finally, you can manually fine-tune each individual line of lyrics as needed by selecting all syllables in a particular system (CTL+click on each syllable) and then raising or lowering them together using the INSPECTOR (F8) vertical offset.

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