Keyboard shortcut doesn't work

• Mar 31, 2018 - 00:05

I set the Alt+E as a keyboard shortcut for Export score, but it doesn't work. Does anybody know why?
I tried the latest nightly build (2.2.0 under WinXP), but without success.


Though it's not included in the shortcut list, alt+e opens the Edit menu. This probably should be fixed so it shows the conflict.

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I forgot to mention, that I use the czech version. The Edit menu in this language is called Úpravy; underlined is the letter r , and therefore the default shortcut for opening this menu is Alt+R. Could you tell me please, why the Alt+E shortcut does not work?

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Since I don't speak czech I don't know what other menus might be activated by using Alt+E. Also, If you have any plugins loaded with shortcuts assigned, you will not get a conflict error if you assign the same shortcut to another command in the shortcuts list. This will cause shortcuts not to work though. Double check that you do not have an unreported conflict with another shortcut. Finally, the most obvious (I don't think this is the case) reason, you don't have a score open.

The export command worked for me when I assigned a shortcut to it as a test for you. You may try a different shortcut as a test.

Make sure when you make changes to the keyboard shortcut list that you press "Apply" and then "OK" to make the changes permanent, otherwise, when you exit the prompt window, the shortcuts will not go into effect.

Windows XP is out of support (by Microsoft, and as a follow up by MuseScore too) since several years meanwhile.
Also there is no need at all to use a 2.2 development build, as 2.2 has been officially released last Monday (and is at least 2 or 3 commits newer than the latest development build)

I tried, but in Edit/Preferences/Shortcut/ I can't set Alt+E on "Export Score", when setup for German (or System), I can when setup for English (US) though, although there indeed it then conflicts with "Edit". But after having switched back to German it works! (None of the top level menus use e as their shortcut/mnemonic).
On Windows 7 that is...

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