transcribe mp3 audio files to sheet music with lyrics

• Mar 10, 2018 - 00:02

I'm looking for a way to transcribe mp3 audio files to sheet music with lyrics.
I have a program which will pick out chords from audio mp3 files and will let you type in text, but you have to figure out how to fit text under correct chords.

I would like software that, if I play an audio mp3 file on the computer (simple guitar and vocals), the program will create actual sheet music (one note melody line) with chord names (C#, Em, etc) superimposed over lyrics.

Not to be real picky, but I would prefer a freeware program instead of purchasing something that then doesn't prove to do what I want to do.


And I would like a program that will take a curry from my local takeaway and print out a recipe sheet but, sadly, that ain´t gonna happen any time soon. Generating a decent score from an mp3 file is similar and although there are programs that have a stab at it I haven´t yet found one that works on anything other than an almost pure melody. Keep Googling and maybe someone will come up with a decent program but if they did then I would be astonished if they didn´t charge money for it.

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"And I would like a program that will take a curry from my local takeaway and print out a recipe sheet...". Firstly, that's not beyond the realm of possibility. Secondly, I feel this kind of sarcasm is unhelpful and might make people reluctant to ask questions.

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Another analogy: you can't uncramble an egg (see below)
As with all analogies, neither is a perfect 100% match. With suitable effort and artifivicial intelligence this might be possible. But, as said above: this ain't gonna happen any time soon.
And I don't sense any sarcasm there, at best some irony.

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Thanks. I agree with u. I have found Anthemscore 4 + transcribe! to be helpful. The latter teaches one supposedly to ear train. I was tired of the humans can do it better argument without guidance. I know those who train from whence they were young and acquire relative pitch.. but transcribe! guides anyone that learned process. Even if u r older.

Update: song2see editor is more cost effective that probably can substitute for the two softwares above with some inconvenience. U get what u pay for. U also need to have steam account.

i have found free online software that has been able to do it with a single instrument that has no major overtones. otherwise it is really a messy midi output. My recorder will work, but the piano won't, the guitar sometimes--but only one note at a time.
here is one of the several

Unfortunately... Human being has not reached that perfect level, yet.

There are a plenty of software in the web that say "we do the job", but…

I really want to have an interface with a software that "reads" my mind and then write the full score directly in the screen and the paper, but... Maybe in some "near" future (when elephants fly)...

I break the song up in sections and run it through AnthemScore to get an idea of the key and number of measures. It exports to xml or midi or right into MuseScore. It would be great to be able to import the audio into Musescore so I could line it up and transcribe from there. This way the audio would be close to the measures in Musescore. You get easly lost if you play the audio in another program and try to transcribe. You can kind of do it in Anthemscore but there are no staff lines and the interface is very difficult to learn.

I just discovered the SoundSlice web tool that I think will do this. If you can upload your audio file to youtube you can try it out for free. I am starting my learning curve today. Looks like if you learn it you will need to pay $5 a month to get the advanced features. That sounds reasonable like the subscription to musescore.

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Update: After working with Song2See Editor I have found that it is much faster and as accurate as Anthem Score. You can play audio and midi simultaneously and you can verify the key. It will even try to interpret the chords. I would like to see changes to the interface so you could use a staff view instead of the piano roll to make changes. Also it would be great if the chords would be exported in the xml file.

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Thanks for the comparison. I like Anthemscore 4 and will check song2see.

My first impression is that there be some tinkering involved with song2see which can be good to actually learn interpretation of spectrogram rather than this black box that spits results. That was what “transcribe!” was for (to force one to learn audio wave-to-note skills). Also because it is under steam u only need one license and it can go on any PC computer! Unlike transcribe which locks to one computer. Anthemscore is also reasonable as it allows 3 pc + 1 extra license per year.

Anthemscore 4($99 for lifetime update)+transcribe($40 per license) is a good combination to have but is part of the overpriced nature of music industry. I think song2see($20 or $30 for “ultimate”) is more reasonably priced that can fill both functionality without hurting the wallet. But the downside for song2see editor is that inconvenience of conversion as it does single staff and we would have to use MuseScore to create piano sheet to combine the system. But a great tool. I’m spoiled like that so I probably will get all 3 and update later. Black Friday there is 25% discount on Anthemscore or educational discount.

I don’t disagree that humans do it best but I will say that these are wonderful tool that can aid the process. Of course the scores will be off but my experience with these softwares is that they expedite the process. But some composers that did it in the 90s I have seen really good compositions to appreciate. I just won’t be at that level. For me these tools are wonderful and make music more accessible to the general public. Although that will be a big barrier to breakdown.

If u really want to save money and good with programming there are open sources from GitHub where these things are free.

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