Add library option is disabled in MuseScore project in QT

• Mar 10, 2018 - 13:56

Add library option is disabled in MuseScore project in QT. Therefore I can't add library to the project. How can I fix this.


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I dont' know why this option doesn't show up at all in your Creator but I think that menu option is deactivated because MuseScore uses CMake and IIRC QtCreator can't really modify a CMake project the same way it can modify a qmake based project. I think Gangani needs to modify the CMake setup.

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While we are at it: what's the purpose of linking the Mysql client lib into MS? Using that would require a MySQL server installation as well, which is pretty unrealistic for most MS users (unless you use the embedded MySql server library ...). If you "just" need a database it might be much simpler to use Sqlite, wich is an in-process SQL database (i.e. it doesn't need an external server running). It's probably best to use Qt's sql module for that (

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Dear Jojo,
i find the development of plugins with the musescore plugin editor very difficult.
I am used to Eclipse or XCode, where you have context-sensitive help, debugging, etc. and all of this is not available in Musescore plugin editor.
A simple task such as figuring out if a specific music sequence is present in a score, and at which positions, becomes quite complicated by not having the possibility to inspect with breakpoints and usual programming tools.
Therefore, please advice on how to enable doing that in some sort of IDE.

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