Having difficulty putting tremolo on a whole note

• Mar 4, 2018 - 23:34

Hello! I love the power and versatility of musescore. I'm working on a string quartet for the Mongolian Morin Huur (this instrument uses treble cleff but has a range closer to a viola so I'm just using violin in the program.)
I can't seem to get the tremolo to work on a single whole note; I've selected the note in question and then dragged the symbol from the menu but the symbol just won't stick. How can I get it to work?
Thank you!


From the Handbook:
“To add tremolo to a single note, select the note head and double-click the desired symbol in the tremolo palette.”

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What exactly do you mean by that? I've carefully studied the handbook and still I have not been able to use the tremolo. I tried selecting the note on the staff by clicking it ( which make the blue frame appear around it) and then double clicking the "desired symbol" from the tremolo palette but nothing happened; no tremolo symbols appeared above the whole note. Can you perhaps be more clear in explaining just what you mean by "select the note head"?

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I don't see any tremolo indeed in that picture, but I'm guessing you are adding it incorrectly. Assumign you want alternation between the top and bottom note, don't enter them as a chord - enter them each as half notes, then add the tremolo-between-notes to the first one, That will automatically convert them to whole notes. See the Handbook section on tremolo for more info.

BTW, if those are meant to be ties, it looks like you may have added slurs instead. But also, neither makes sense for tremolo. The note isn't literally being help, it's being repeated.

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