1 bar fills an entire line

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I have seen a similar question but I have not been able to solve the problem with the answers given. My piece is 4 bars per line but for some reason Bar 24 has it's own line. There is no line break between Bars 23 and 24 and when I remove the bar break at 24 Bar 28 becomes a single bar line. I have looked at the handbook re stretching and shrinking and again no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.



I had this issue too - so nice to see theirs an easy fix (even if it took a while to find it!). But why does it happen? Perhaps this fix should be in a FAQ?

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MuseScore applies standard engraving principles to determine the spacing for each measure and tries to fit as many measures as it can per line. If your score happens to have so many notes in a given passage that the standard engraving practice won't allow more measures on the line, then indeed but you want to force it to anyhow, you have to explicitly tell MuseScore to override its default spacing. That's the "why does it happen". If you feel it shouldn't be the case for some particular score, feel free to attach it so we can see.

Anyhow, the procedures for overriding defaults are described in the Handbook in several places as well as various tutorials etc. The trick is knowing where to look :-)

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Thanks for getting back to me with this information. I did try the things I found in the handbook - but I couldn't make them work for this particular piece. Though I've fixed it now, I've attached the score for you to look at (at least I think it was this one as I've had to leave this for a couple of days to do real work!).
As you can see, it's quite simple, but bars 27 and 28 just wanted to be on a line of their own. This, as an exercise piece really needed to have four bars per line!

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When I load that file, I see four bars per line. However, I can also see you've already reduced stretch a bit, because when I reset it with Layout / Reset Stretch, measure 28 indeed does not fit with measures 25-7. And this is absolutely to be expected - those measures are already very full because of all the accidentals. MuseScore is using good judgment in not trying to squeeze bar 28 onto that same line by default, in "normal" music this would be inadvisable. But since this is an exercises and you have special reaosn to want exactly four bars per line, then decreasing stretch is indeed exactly how to do this. So, select those bars (25-8) and press "{" and everything fits.

So it isn't clear what you tried that didn't work, but the thing that is usually suggested first - decreasing stretch from the default - definitely does.

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