Stopped horn playback

• Sep 7, 2015 - 16:47

I want to be able to switch between open and stopped horn using the + and o symbols. The only way that I have found to do this is to put an invisible instrument switch next to each one. I know that stopped horn is not part of general midi, but is it possible to have the instrument set to trumpet, have the non-muted sound set to horn, and make the + and o switch from open to muted? I couldn't get it to work by right-clicking on the symbols and changing the settings there.


Probably no direct way, but you could create a customized instruments.xml file, modifying the entries for horn to resemble those for trumpet. It's kind of an advance technique, and you'll have to be comfortable editing an XML file (it's just a plain text file with some fancy tags in it, reaosnably easier to figure out what's what, and you can ask for help here). The file is in the "instruments" folder under wherever you installed MuseScore. Make a copy into one of your own folders, edit it, then tell MuseScore to use it via Edit / Preferences / Score. Any new scores you create will then use the that file and the modified instrument will be available.

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