• Dec 12, 2017 - 16:39

I'm not getting the copyright symbol (small 'c' in a circle) showing on the documents. Where am I going wrong. Keep it simple please!


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Yes, I get ©, too, with that key combination on xubuntu 16.04, using an English (UK International with Dead Keys) setup. Shoichi's advice might work for Windows (with English keyboard set). In Ubuntu you can set up several different keyboards and cycle between them (with [WinKey][Space]) which I find very useful if I have to type something in Spanish or French.

OP (and anyone else asking about special characters), it really is important to know what OS, what language, what keyboard setup you have since you might as well ask “I have a car; how do I turn the front foglights on?”. In other words, it's not just a MuseScore thing but involves the interaction of MuseScore and your particular setup.

For all systems (as far as I know), Shoichi is correct in that you can always Copy and Paste.

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