Copying voice gets transposed

• Jan 16, 2018 - 10:51

I've just found a version of a song on musescore, where I I wish to add the voice part to my mandolin part (which has both notation and TAB - though I don't think that's relevant). The new score needed to be transposed by a minor third to match my existing one.
I then added a new stave for the voice part, standar treble clef. When I then select the bars from the downloaded score and paste them into my score, they are an octave lower, and need transposing an octave higher to match again.
Any reason why this should happen and is there any way to "past and match pitch"?

And where did CMD-Z for undo go??


Which version/score on ? (the link please?)
Here, I download this score randomly for mandolin (and Tab). After adding a new staff (voice), and copy-paste, I received the expected result: 1-jazz_exercises_mandolin.mscz
Maybe the user had changed the default clef for mandolin (ie treble clef) to the treble clef-8vb (with the little 8 under the clef)? This could explain what you notice?

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Thanks - I thought that's what I had done - I've attached my intermediate version for interest. The original was for trumpet. I've just looked at yours and it now appears to be in E Maj rather than the G Maj I was aiming for.
It's proably not worth taking any more time over - I just wondered if there was an obvious reason when I take a bar from my intermediate file (the one attached here) it transposed down by an octave.

You will need to upload the original score for us to understand what is happening with the transposition.

As far as CMD-Z is concerned, you can define that in the edit->preferences...->shortcuts tab. I'm not sure why MuseScore didn't define this but it's there for you to define yourself.

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