Musescore not responding on Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

• Jun 28, 2017 - 17:47

Trying to get Musescore Version 2.01 working on my Mac. The installation goes ok but when I open the programme I can see the window but it stalls and doesnt respond not even to close down. I have to use force quit. Tried the advice in one of the forums for afactory reset and received this message on terminal:

ROBIN:~ apple$ /Applications/MuseScore\ ; exit;
initScoreFonts 0x7fc472ce1c30
2017-06-28 18:42:29.434 mscore[3726:31675] 18:42:29.434 WARNING: 140: This application, or a library it uses, is using the deprecated Carbon Component Manager for hosting Audio Units. Support for this will be removed in a future release. Also, this makes the host incompatible with version 3 audio units. Please transition to the API's in AudioComponent.h.
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
Init midi driver failed

It seems that the problem is here but I am not technically advanced enough to understand what to do next.. Can anyone help me???


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Has this issue been resolved? I have been having a similar problem -- Musescore hanging on startup, and running from a terminal I get the same error message "Init midi driver failed" -- but I also see a whole bunch of copies of the message: 'Unable to get the PAC script at "" (Remote Host Unavailable)'. If I turn off my internet connection (turn off wifi), MuseScore starts up, and does so almost instantaneously. This is with MuseScore 2.3.2 (and older musescore 2's). With a Musescore Nightly (Musescore 3), the program starts up after something like a minute -- and because the attempt to reach the above IP address times out. Again with internet turned off startup is almost instantaneous. Does this offer any hope of resolution?

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