MuseScore 2.1 (Appimage on Ubuntu) won't be playied nice sound with Salamander Grand Piano V3 retuned on sfz.

• Dec 21, 2017 - 06:39

FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3, grand-piano-YDP-20160804 on Fluid and Salamander Grand Piano V3 on MuseScore 2.03 is no problem at all. But MuseScore2.1 seems to incopatible between sfz engine and this soundfont.

Is there anyone reproducing and confirm this on your enviroment of Salamander Grand Piano V3 (48khz 24bit) ?

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I am also having playback trouble with Salamander V3. My system is Window 10 Laptop, i3, 6GB, ASIO through integrated Realtek sound card and Realtek ASIO driver.

In the test file I attached, it bogs down when getting to 16th notes. Seems like a "too many voices" problem?

I test the Fluid sound font piano with no issues. Also some other free pianos with no issues :Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Piano and the Versillian Studios CE and VSU Upright pianos both area OK.

Maybe Salamander piano samples are too heavy?

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This problem is known for this Soundfont.
The thing that creates the problem is "Release String Resonances" part.
(overloads the CPU and/or DSP for some reason)

open "SalamanderGrandPianoV3Retuned.sfz" with any text editor:
'Save as' with another name. example: "SalamanderWR.sfz"
Find this string (near line 497) in sfz: "Release string resonances"
Delete lines from this point to the end of the file.
and "Save" it.

Load and use this new .sfz in Zerberus.
Problem is gone.

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Good morning, Demircan-san.

I appreciate quick response.

I did your sugestion on my enviroment. Yes! Funny sounds is gone.
Thank you very much.

> overloads the CPU and/or DSP for some reason
I have a question.
On MuseScore 2.03 has no problem, but on 2.1 begin to occure this sympton on
same enviroment ( 32GB memory, 64bit Ubuntu, Intel Core i7 3.3Ghz/4cpu )

I might need to write out both wave output and compare it.
If it's same one, it could be said MuseScore 2.0.3 sfz engine is just ignore
"Release string resonances" part?


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According to my opinion: This problem is happening in the software's FluidSynth engine.
The problem then spreads to other parts.

If your hardware is even a NASA's SuperBlue multi-Terabyte memory, 256 core computer, the same problem will occur.

Maybe there is a difference in FluidSynth code between versions 2.0.3 and 2.1.
There may have been a change in the sound engine. This can also be an undesirable side effect.

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I understand your explain that it's will be occurred whatever any super computer ;-)
According my investigation as I mentioned, the version 2.0.3 sfz engine seems to
ignore that deleted information for playing and exporting wav but not vesion 2.1's one.
So I agree your guessing with 100%.

So my conclusion is that 2.1's sfz engine should be fixed......right ?

Anyway thank you for your help.


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