Musescore "baulks" when trying to print etc.

• Dec 12, 2017 - 01:03

I am new to musescore. I have installed the program on a system running
Windows 7. I am having trouble with the basic features such as print etc.
When I click on the print icon it seems to acknowledge the action by showing a white background, and then
reverts to the original appearance, but nothing prints. Is there a print
setup function somewhere?. More disconcerting, I find that every time I
perform some function and then want to go to another one, I have to press
escape. Is this normal or is there some simple explanation and remedy? The
program looks great but for me at the moment it is unusable. Can you help


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Hi Shoichi,
Unfortunately the program doesn't even seem to commence properly. I get a blank score, which is fine, plus the window labelled "Start Centre". I can also import a demonstration score (All Dudes). but I can't print, save as, or any other of the essential things that make a program like this useful. Every time I try, the instruction seems to execute, but nothing eventuates, and to resume any operation I have to press the escape key. I can't even close the program without going to "Task Manager" and clicking end process. Disappointing at this stage.

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Hi Shoichi for a 3rd time,
I think have solved some problems all in one.
The original window that the program set up to display was so big that it took up the whole screen width and then some - about double the screen size. When I reduce the window size I can now see dialogue boxes for printing, saving etc. So now the program makes much more sense and begins to be usable.
Thanks for your time.

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