Bend tool: notation and layout problems

• Jan 7, 2016 - 14:56
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Nightly d08e14c (4 Jan 2016) on Win 7 HP / MS 2.0.1 on Win 10.

The bend-tool does not notate multi-stage bends properly:

Create the following in the bend tool, then click on OK:


Expected result: Two-level Bend (half-tone up, then another half-tone up, then release) ending on the same level as where it started
Actual result: The second stage is not drawn properly and the end point is below the start level:

And if you create a semitone bend-and-release, the end point is shown below the start point:


Title Bend tool issues: Multi-stage bends, and bend-and-release Bend tool issues: Multi-stage bends, bend-and-release etc.

Another issue:


On the pitched staff, upbends look wrong above F# (top staff line), because the top of the bend seems to be anchored to the note "B" (second space above staff).

The obvious solution is, above F, to maintain the same bend shape and size as was present at F (in bar 1, top staff line).

Title Bend tool issues: Multi-stage bends, bend-and-release etc. Bend tool: notation and layout problems

Another issue. The bend has a fixed length. It does not stretch or contract with the score layout. It only appears to obey scaling.

There are 4 issues: (1) Bend doesn't expand/contract with layout; (2) Bend squashed on pitched staff above F#; (3) Multi-stage bend can end below start level; (4) Intemediate steps in multi-stage bend drawn wrongly. Need to specify which ones are being fixed.

Ok, I took a look to the PR and how bends would work in an ideal world. I checked GP7 how they do it and it's a mess :) There is no other

I see two cases

  • Bend on a single note/string. In this case, GP7 will display an arrow in the tab and some little notes before (prebend) and/or after in the standard staff. These lines are linked by lines. In this case, I believe the Bend object should be in charge to figure out if we are on a std staff or on a tab staff and draw these notes or arrow. These should only be selectable as a whole to be edited via right click > Bend properties (or later the inspector) or deleted. A complication is the handling of accidentals. It seems these little notes should respect the key signature and the current accidental state...

    Capture d'écran 2017-12-05 12.04.52.png

  • Bend on tied notes. This is where the mess becomes messy :)
    First, in this case, the bend can be broken by a line break... So it should work like a spanner and have segments in the tab staff and in the standard staff.

    Capture d'écran 2017-12-05 13.05.02.png

Even if there is no line break, there is no more small notes in standard notation but instead real notes but their pitch needs to be modified depending on the shape of the bend arrow.

Capture d'écran 2017-12-05 12.21.19.png

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