MIDI entry only adds chord notes

• May 5, 2017 - 21:14

When I try to enter notes in entry mode with my MIDI keyboard, generally nothing happens. Only when I'm already selecting a note or chord, it starts adding to that chord (even if the note played is already present). Judging from the note input instruction page, this isn't what should be happening. What am I doing wrong?


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Mysteries in the deep ;)

In all seriousness, I you see this happen again, please try to remember what you did leading up to it so it can be prevented in the future. If you do experience it again, creating a sample score with instructions on duplicating it will go a long way to fixing it.

Actually it might be an issue. I am having the same issue. Here's what I've found:
I press "N" to start entry.
I click on measure rest to select my starting point/measure.
I select the note value I want.
I play the keyboard and nothing happens.

However I note the following...
If I click with my mouse to enter a note OR use the computer keyboard to type note names immediately following the first note I can enter notes from the keyboard.

I also note it's not advancing automatically. This is a bummer.

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I suspect you are using the wring input method, but since I don't use midi I'm not sure. I know there are extra midi input methods and also that you need to ensure the enable MIDI input button is pressed prior to input. It sounds like normal input is working. But it also sounds like tune did something out of order or said he did. You need to click, or select the point where note entry begins, then press N. If you press N then click where you want note entry to begin, a note will be entered at that point.

The note entry button is different than it used to be. If it is anything but a letter N is displayed, you are not in normal note entry, you are in something different. This is the first thing you should always check if note entry does not work as expected.

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Indeed, it's not totally clear what you are trying to do. For one thing, you should not click after starting note entry - only before. Clicking enters notes. And I don't know if you are trying to use one of the new real-time modes or not, which work differently.

but in basic step time MIDI input, what you are describing would happen if your keyboard is failing to send MIDI off messages when you release a key. That is what we use to know that you have completed entry of a chord and are ready to move on.

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I should have probably explained. I am not new to the program. I have used it many times. After updating to 2.1, note entry seems to have a problem.

To clarify...
The midi button is enabled.
I click in a measure, on a rest to indicate to MuseScore where I want to begin inputting notes as it's stated in the manual.
I press "N" to start entry.
I select the note value I want in the legend at the top of the window. For example, an 8th note.

I play the keyboard and nothing happens. No note appears after depressing a midi note on my keyboard.
However, if I use an alternate manual entry method method, (clicking in the staff to place a note, or typing on my computers keyboard), I get that note and from that point I then can enter notes using the midi keyboard. Just not the first note.
In other words, immediately following manual entry of the first note using typing or clicking, I can enter notes from the keyboard but not the first note, only subsequent notes.

Is this clear?

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Partially. You also said "it's not advancing automatically". Does that mean if you click to enter a note, then play a note on the keyboard, it gets added to the same chord? Also, have you verified you didn't enabled one of the new real-time entry modes? Make sure the note input icon on toolbar shows "N".

If so, then it sounds like the problem is with your MIDI keyboard not sending note off messages as I mentioned earlier.

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Marc, No the note doesn't get added to the same chord. Nothing happens after I play a note (or a chord). I have verified I am not in one of the other modes. The keyboard I have is an M-Audio 49e. Prior to upgrading to v2.1 it worked. Note off messages would have given me a problem then wouldn't you think? Though this gives me something to chase down. Perhaps note off messages were turned off. I would think I'd have had some hint of this before but I will check and see what the M-Audio Manual says.

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I'm confused. First you said the note *does* get entered (after first clicking) but it doesn't automatically advance. Then you said "from that point I then can enter notes using the midi keyboard". Now you are saying *nothing* happens? Please describe as full and precisely what happens, for instance:

1) start MuseScore
2) click first measure of default score
3) press "N"
4) play and release middle "C" on your MIDI keyboard - what happens?
5) press Ctrl+right to move the cursor to the next measure
6) press "G" on your computer keyboard to enter a C
7) play and release middle "C" on your MIDI keyboard - what happens?
8) play and release the "E" above middle "C" on your MIDI keyboard - what happens?

I just upgraded to and began having the same issue with MIDI keyboard entry only being able to add a note to an existing chord. It is incapable of creating a new note with automatic advance to next as it did previously.

I'm on a Macbook Pro - OS 10.12.4


1. Open MS
2. With N in OFF, play keyboard - sound is fine - MIDI obviously working
3. Click N, quarter note selected, play keyboard - no more sound
4. Use mouse to manually add a note -- don't advance
5. Play keyboard -- sound now working and is only adding notes to the currently selected
6. Advance to next measure, play keyboard -- no sound or note entry again

Was anyone able to get this resolved?

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Sounds like what I'd expect if your keyboard fails to send note off messages, as I said before. You need to consult the documentation for keyboard if it can do this. Not sure why it doens't by default, it's the usual way to do MIDI. But I guess some keyboards fail to do this.

BTW, is old by now - the latest version is 2.1

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I came across this thread, because the exact same thing is happening to me. Maybe I can clarify the issue others are having...

I teach a piano class with multiple types and brands of keyboards, so it doesn't appear to be keyboard-specific. But what happens is, while playing the keyboard gets the notes to sound, the only way to get it to actually input notes is to put in a note manually (mouse or keyboard), and then it will let me change that note or add to the chord, but it won't move onto the next note automatically, and if I keep playing it continues to add to the same one. This only happens when it's in Note Input mode, and I've tried the different types, from Step-Time to Real-time auto and manual, and even having it advance using the metronome in real-time doesn't allow me to input notes that way. If not in Note Input, then playing the keyboard makes the sound but doesn't input any notes.

I didn't attach a file, as this happens on a new, blank score, with default MIDI settings (and if I change any of those, then I don't even get the sound), and I'm running the most recent version of MuseScore (2.1 as of this posting).

I should also add, I saw another post about uninstalling M-Audio drivers and using the default Windows ones, but I'm not using an M-Audio device or (to my knowledge) M-Audio drivers.

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It does seem clear that this issue with note-off messages not being received is not unique to just one model of keyboard, and it also seems that apparently something changed between 2.0.3 and 2.1 in how this works. And yet, 2.1 does work for most people, so there must be something unique/special about the systems of people for whom it does not. I'm guessing it might turn out to be a device driver or something else at that level. Unfortunately, as far as i know no one who works on this code has been able to reproduce the problem, so what would really help is if someone who does see the problem on their system is able to build MuseScore for themselves (or find an interested computer science student to do so) and help try to debug this.

Any takers?

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Been having the same issue here - MuseScore 2.1 on Linux Mint 17.2, M-Audio Midiman USB interface.
Works fine for a while, then same symptoms occur in "note entry" mode. All fine in "edit" mode, and note-off messages are clearly OK as notes stop instantly on key release.
Don't have time right now to test properly, but it looks like I can cause this to happen by suspend/resume on laptop with MuseScore running. Then close/re-open MuseScore sometimes works; sometimes I have to change Edit-Preferences-I/O and re-start MuseScore to fix it. I would need to spend more time testing to verify exactly what works and when.
Once it's working again, it seems to stay OK - probably until next suspend/resume cycle.
Hope that helps! I'll try to test some more when I have time...

UPDATE: looks like suspend/resume is NOT relevant. I will post again with new findings...

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It's known that some drivers in some systems don't work properly after suspend / resume.
These include:
a) Sound and midi drivers.
b) The drivers whose work depends on the state of the other drivers.
c) The drivers whose work depends on the state of the other running software.
d) The drivers whose work depends on the state of the external connections.
Your issue may most likely be related to one of the items listed above.

Developers may be able to respond better.

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Thanks - yes, that's expected. The odd thing here is that it works perfectly in "edit" mode, but not in "note entry" mode, within the same MuseScore session.
Also, the problem seems to occur on Windows, OS10 and Linux systems, all with different driver architectures. I suspect my suspend/resume scenario is one way to provoke the issue, but there may be others - especially on other operating systems.
At least I can easily recover from the problem, and carry on working, so it's not a big deal for me :)

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Just guess:
Edit mode probably doesn't need a note-off message, just needed a note number and/or value.
And after the suspend / resume, only the note-off message may not be properly detected by MuseScore's internal drivers. That's what the software needs to be able to advance to the next note.

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Further testing results.
Still MuseScore 2.1 on Linux Mint 17.2, M-Audio Midiman USB interface.

From a normal good working session, close MuseScore.
Press several keys on the midi keyboard. (There is no application running to process these midi events.)
Start MuseScore, create new score, enter "note entry" mode, and midi events are ignored.
Close MuseScore. Don't touch the midi keyboard.
Start MuseScore, create new score, enter "note entry" mode, and it now works OK.
This appears to be repeatable.

So from this quick test, it looks like there could be a problem when MuseScore starts and finds pending midi events waiting to be processed. This still only effects "note entry" mode; "edit" mode always works OK. Sadly I don't have time to delve into the code at the moment...

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After lots of testing and watching the qDebug output messages, I'm pretty sure this is a manifestation of issue #233651 (MIDI input breaks for rest of session), already in the bug tracker with status "needs info".

It looks like MuseScore increments a counter when it get a "note on", and decrements it when it gets a "note-off" - so if for any reason it fails to receive a "note-off" event, it gets stuck in this odd mode, and midi input becomes useless. Normal operation can be recovered by sending one or more "note-off" events.

There are now several reports of this happening, so I believe a simple method of resetting the counter is needed - otherwise it just looks like MuseScore is failing. One way would be to reset the counter when the "Enable midi" button is used, so the traditional "turn it off and on again" would sort it out.

I'll add the full details in the bug tracker when I've had time to put together a coherent description of what I've found.

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Bug tracker updated: #233651. See https://musescore.org/en/node/233651#comment-808620
Note that I've suggested two workarounds to restore normal operation:
1. Force extra "note-off" events: disable midi input, press midi key, enable midi input, release key. Repeat as required...
2. Enable midi remote control, and allocate a midi key to do something - which then zeroes the counter when pressed.

No 2 is probably the easiest to use. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Note Input, and allocate a midi key to do something. I've set the highest keyboard note to enter a rest, but anything will do. Then pressing the allocated key should simply restore normal midi operation.

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