Chamber Orchestra SoundFont

• Nov 10, 2017 - 16:40

No one has ever created a SoundFont before with Chamber Orchestral Instruments, so I created a Chamber Orchestra SoundFont by gathering a collection of nice and beautiful sounding SoundFonts to make it sound like one.

Here's a list of the Instruments I have so far. The Instruments are in the exact order just like in any other score.

Woodwinds: 1 Flute (Sonivox)
1 Oboe (Sonivox)
1 Clarinet (Sonivox)
1 Bassoon (Sonivox)

Brass: 1 French Horn (Sonivox)
1 Trumpet (Sonivox)
1 Trombone (Sonivox)
1 Tuba (Sonivox)

Percussion & Keys: Timpani (Project Sam Timpani)
Steinway D (Equinox)
Harpsichord Manual I & II 8’ (Grand Concert Harpsichord)
Coupled Harpsichord 8’ and 4’ (Grand Concert Harpsichord)
Organ (Gedackt) 8’ (Jaeckel Opus. 5)
Organ (Tutti) 8’ 4’ 2’ (Jaeckel Opus. 5)

Strings: Harp (Sonivox)
3 Violins I (Brandenburg Ensemble, Campbell’s Violin, Violin STR VI)
Pizz Violins I (SJO Violin Pizz)
Violin Solo I (Violin STR VI)
3 Violins II (Sonivox, Arianna’sFluidR3, Violin Muted STR VI)
Pizz Violins II (SJO Violin Pizz)
Violin Solo II (Sonivox)
2 Violas (Sonivox, Brandenburg Ensemble)
Pizz Violas (SJO Viola Pizz)
Viola Solo (Sonivox)
2 Cellos (Sonivox, SJO Solo Cello)
Pizz Cellos (SJO Cello Pizz)
Cello Solo (SJO Solo Cello)
Arco Bass (Sonivox)
Pizz Bass (Sonivox)

I would please like to give credit to these SoundFont users!

The list is also in the Review Document, as well as in the SoundFont too.

Feel-free to download the SoundFont!

You can also comment below on adding more instruments and you are free to edit the SoundFont if you want! Also feel-free to send me mp3 demos of the SoundFont by uploading them in SoundCloud, or Google Drive. I also forgot to mention that this project is a Creative Commons Attribution Licensed SoundFont. So when you've edited it, make sure to notify me in the comments!


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