SoundFont for Baroque Music: Introducing "Musica Barocca" (download link included)

• Oct 13, 2017 - 04:18

"Musica Barocca" is a new SoundFont devoted to digital performances of Late Baroque music. Instruments are taken from samples of other similar banks, as well as many GMs found online. As of October 2017, this bank only provides the basics for a Baroque ensemble.

The link:

The newer, more updated version should be available within the next few weeks. I'm currently digging around trough bank after bank to find more fodder this SoundFont. As always, feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated.


It sounds like some of the presets lack volume compared to the rest, e. g. Violino and Oboe d'amore.
I converted a midi of the first part of Bach's Sonata BWV1019 using the Violini I preset instead of Violino indicated on the score. So I made this as a compromise (I hate tweaking the sound in the MIDI control panel) but even so the result sounds infinitely closer to the composer's intention than what you would get using a non-baroque soundfont.
You have done a wonderful start for now. I wish you much succes!

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Most samples in my possession came from a massive file torreneted some months ago, which have yet to be edited and added. Here is a quick rundown, though:
- d'amore: from the Jeux Organ soundfont. The samples were realistic enough to be considered usable.
- Traverso: Vintage Instruments
- Flauto Dolce - Contrafagotto: from the samples you used for your "Baroque Instruments" and "Brandenburg Ensemble" respectively (give credit where credit is due, I suppose.)
- Save for the Claviorganum and Lautenwerck, all keyboards came from "Baroque Instruments"
- Solo strings came from torrented samples, strings are combination of soundfonts
- Percussion and vocals are also from "Baroque Instruments"
I am currently in search of more samples and soundfonts. Obviously, I intend on adding onto it as much as possible.

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Claviorganum - combination of keyboard instrument (usually harpsichord) and organ.
Lautenwerck - A harpsichord with gut strings instead of metal, giving it a lute-like sound (this instrument was a personal favorite of Bach, hence its addition).
I have downloaded your FluidR3, as well as both of the "Four Seasons" and the "SSO", all having great quality. I'd love to know where and how you get and edit your samples. Feel free to send me an email at for further contributions.

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I have started using the "Musica Barocca" SF2 but note that the user who originally posted has deleted their account. Do you have a sense of where the user found the "Lautenwerck" samples? They are probably lute stop (modified?) of a harpsichord, spinet or such but would really love to know the source. I'm planning to use the instrument on an upcoming album and would love to 1) give credit as appropriate and 2) double check that the samples are free for use without any legal ramifications!

i found a copy of MusicaBarocca.sf2 on a harddisk from 1686 A.D. remapped the Presets and it works. all samples recorded in Continental Europese castles and cathedrals, lo vib, no vib, soaked with reverb, what more do you want? stereo? no, instruments that produce separate sounds for the left and the right ear had to be invented yet in 1686. download it now, share it with your fellow Baroqualiens, post it, host it, for i myself have no use and no space for a Baroque soundfont, so within a few weeks this link…

will be expired, dead, fourOfour.

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