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• Aug 21, 2017 - 15:46

The pdf converter doesn't work for me


It's just experimental ...
'If it doesn’t work, your PDF file isn’t compatible to the converter. This could be due to various reasons such as the quality of the pdf, the complexity of the score or various other reasons. Feel free to try with another pdf file!'

I was prepared for dodgy results but both the files I tried gave corrupt .mscz files that MuseScore couldn't load. That was surprising...

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MuseScore will load corrupt scores, you just need to hit "Ignore" to ignore the corruptions - and then fix them, using the link Jojo provided.

Not surprising at all a PDF converter would produce corrupt scores often. It's really a pretty complex AI project to read music, sorting out not just the symbols themselves but how they combine to form music in the presence of multiple staves, multiple voices within a staff, etc. Get one detail wrong and you have a measure with two few or two many beats in it. Happen pretty often, actually.

the converter gives me a file called a lot of random stuff and then when opened it's just empty, not even sheet music just an empty grey page

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Yes, that's actually what 'experimental' means. Sometimes it works somehow, often it barely works and often it fails in dramatic ways ...
To be fair to the Audiveris project: my experience with other (commercial) converters shows that they might be better on an quantitative scale but not on a qualitatve scale.

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