Harmonicas for Guitar

• Oct 25, 2017 - 12:22

I looked in the handbook, but it doesn't seem clear to me how to create harmonics for guitar, And youtube hasn't been much better or I have completely missed what it might have been saying.

Would someone, please help me?


Many threads by searching: https://www.google.fr/search?q=harmonics+guitar+musescore&ie=utf-8&oe=u…

Harmonics for guitar are mostly noted with a diamond head (Noteheads palette)
The playback is not implemented. Well, except if you means electric guitar? In this case, there is a specific Midi sound "Guitar Harmonics" in the Mixer.
But for nylon/acoustic guitars and others plucked stringed instruments, it's not suitable.
A workaround among others but not really satisfying: put the involved notes with an invisible octave line, and reduce the volume (velocity, in Inspector). For want of anything better.

EDIT: you mean harmonics and not harmonicas I guess?! Because: https://musescore.org/en/node/17541 ;-)

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Yes, I did mean harmonics. Thanks for catching that. I try to be careful when posting. This time, evidently I was careless.

Thanks for the tip though I'm disappointed it doesn't cover acoustic/classical guitars.

Is there any word that MuseScore will be upgrading their soundfonts?

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MuseScore's sound fonts are public domain and the sf2 definition does not include harmonics for nylon guitars so you will need to find a sound font that includes this. You can then use an instrument change* or a hack** to allow for sound changes in your score once you find one.

*Instrument change, use Instrument from the text palette every time you change from "normal" to "harmonic" to "normal" sound. This adds a new channel for every instrument change to the mixer and gets confusing.

**Hack, use an instrument such as the trumpet that has two sound channels. Change the transposition and clef and mixer sounds and use the "Mute" channel for harmonics and "Normal" for normal guitar sound. Once you get used to it, this works well.

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