I am Still having programs

• Oct 14, 2017 - 00:23

I am still having difficulties with soundfonts.

I downloaded the Guitars Universal 1.4.sf2 which I like a lot more than the acoustic guitar in the default R3Mono_GM.sf3. The problem is I can't get the Guitars Universal 1.4.sf2 to work with the R3Mono_GM.sf3. The banjo and the flute sound like the Guitars Universal 1.4.sf2 soundfont. I have even tried changing their order with the synthesizer to no avail. If I just use the R3Mono_GM.sf3 soundfont the banjo and the flute to my ears sound just fine, however the acoustic guitar does not sound as good as the Guitars Universal 1.4.sf2 soundfont.

What am I doing wrong?


Not being familiar with the Guitars Universal sf2 I'll give some generic info. The mixer lists the sounds by font. So the first flute comes from the first font in the list and the second flute listed comes from the second font and so on. You're probably stopping at the first flute you find. This applies to all sounds of course, not just the flute.

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