Objects shouldn't leave the page

• Apr 17, 2011 - 20:01
S4 - Minor

In MuseScore 1.0, you are allowed to move things such as rests and markings outside of the bar.
In MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (4200), it's possible to move these objects off the page.

There are exceptions (such as ties), but could we generally have it that movements of such objects are restricted within the bar? It would help avoid confusion (and other issues) - if you applied a marking (e.g. dynamic), but it got lost somewhere (either in, or out of the score).

Using Mac 10.4.11.

(Thanks to Schepers for this)


I don't know about this.

There might have been an issue or discussion about the elements not leaving the page. Can't find it yet.

Status (old) by design active

This "by design" bug to me constitutes very poor UI choice. You can take almost any element and accidentally drag it off the page into the outer grey area where it is now lost and virtually unrecoverable, or move something to another page and now it is not selectable to be moved back. If it was visible and selectable then I would say that I agree with "by design" but not in this case.

Absolutely, there should be an invisible barrier around each page preventing any dragging off. Or, as I stated earlier, making those items off page visible, selectable and moveable would be an acceptable alternative.

Title Objects shouldn't leave the bar Objects shouldn't leave the page

It's actually not just a matter of preventing you from moving an item off the page. You might apply a manual adjustment that works with the current layout, but then the layout changes and the element is now off the page. As mentioned, if the new position is on another page, then it appears but is unselectable.

I think preventing an object from being dragged outside the "bar" is too extreme. Plenty of places where that could be useful when used judiciously. Perhaps during layout, or even during drawing, we could check to see if objects are within the bounds of the page they are attached to, and move them back on to the page but flagged somehow (colored red?) if so. Except I dont know that there is one central place to do this for all elements. Perhaps a new command to find and select all such items, thus allowing you to either delete or Ctrl+R them.

I second Marc proposal of a new command to locate problematic elements.

In fact, some other programs have the concept of "Find Problems" or "Validate" (for example, FontForge), i.e. a command to select which kinds of problems you want to locate, run it and then list through them with choices to delete / reset / ignore each one.

I am sure there could be other kinds of problems, for instance, in tabs, notes which cannot be fretted; so one mechanism could be used to address all of them.

A major change probably, but possibly worth keeping in mind.

Title Objects shouldn't leave the page Objects shouldn't become trapped under elements

just completely enraged, had a project, and wrote a full score I adjusted one element towards the end and text got shifted under the staff. there were no loop wholes to try and reach it so I had to rewrite everything. version 2.0

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You should start a thread in the forum to discuss a problem you have with your score so people will be more likely to help you. If your fubar score still exists, you can select an item of the same type as the one that moved on you right click it, then chose all similar item then press ctrl-r to return them to their default positions. This may move some other things a little, but putting them back where you want is better than starting over.

Before you start over again, I suggest you upload the score and explain exactly what went wrong. There are some very good problem solvers here who will fix it and/or tell you how to fix it for future reference. Of course there is the occasional problem that can't be solved, but those usually are from a score that cannot be opened.

Title Objects shouldn't become trapped under elements Objects shouldn't leave the page

Indeed, please ask for help on the forum, attaching the score you are having trouble with and explaining the problem in more detail. If you've already spent the time rewriting everything, that's too bad, but I'm sure we can help you learn to avoid the need for this in the future.