Enter notes with different duration on same beat?

• Jun 28, 2012 - 23:24


I am a newbie, so it may be a pretty straightforward question, but I couldnt find an answer quickly, nor did I could solve it by some tinkering:
I want to enter two notes in one measure and these two notes have different time lengths. They start on the first beat. One is 4 beats, the other 3.
Musescore doesnt approve of my way of wanting to entering those :) So what is the correct way to achieve such?



Each note has to be associated with a different voice. If you were writing multiple parts on the same staff, instrument 1 would be voice 1 and instrument 2 would be voice 2 etc. so they can have independent durations. Situations occur where this is necessary for even a single instrument such as a piano or guitar where one note can be "held" while other notes are played.
From the handbook:

9.5 years later, this remains helpful. This question will persist through the ages, helping my children and theirs. Thank you, noble musescore user.


I know this is late - about 7 years so, but the information in the replies are not complete and this is something that I had to dig around to work out.

Everything said is correct, you cannot write two separate music lines on the same stave - unless they the same note lengths for each note. But there is two ways around the issue.

You can use some interesting tied notes to get what you want -but this does not give you a neat score.
I have used this when there is only a few bars of music where the note lenghts don't agree.

What you can do is write two lines of music ( voices ) and then combine them.
(See link https://musescore.org/en/node/12345)

I hope this is helpful.

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