Guitar Font Guitar Font! Where Art Thou?

• Sep 29, 2017 - 08:58

I am sorry I've been abscent for quite awhile (I've been busy writing a fantasy novel) from here and so my ignorance may be profound.

The last time I was here I was looking for a good guitar sound font. Mainly one that sounds like a Martin. Unfortunately, I had no luck. Last night I search again (including here) with still no luck.

I am hoping that I merely missed something or that the situation has inproved.

I would really love to have a font that sounds more like a guitar than a piano.


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Thank you Ponky, I was able to download the acoustic (which I like), but not the electric. However, I now have a different question. Can I delete the old acoustic guitar and replace it with the new one? The reason I'm asking this is because I like composing with more than one instrument. When I employ the acoustic guitar font you directed me to every other instrument I have resembles an acoustic guitar. I have one piece with two guitars, a trumpet, a flute, a timpani, a celest, drums, and a two banjo. Well, the trumpet and the banjos don't sound like they're supposed sound like. Am I asking too much?

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You can have multiple sound fonts loaded at once. The instruments in each font are listed from top to bottom. So the top sound font has all of its instruments listed then the next and so forth. Sound fonts have the instruments in generally the same order, so once you get to a Grand Piano, you are pretty much starting the next sound font. I would order my sound fonts so the one I use most is on top and least on bottom. This should help you use the correct sound fonts for each instrument.

Hi, I do not know if you know the guitar from the library "SF2 Merlin Gold", for my taste is the best guitar and weighs 109 kb.
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A greeting.

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