Inputting Barlines

• May 11, 2013 - 00:34

Okay, putting in bar lines, I know what the handbook says, and I've seen them do it on the video. Open the palette, select the bar line, and watch the different measures darken as you pass over them to get to where you want, click, and the bar line appears.

It doesn't work for me. I click on the repeat I want, none of the measures shade, and nothing appears. I've tried it in edit and input mode. I've tried selecting notes and rests. Nothing appears. I've noticed the same problem with line breaks. I've noticed the same with repeats, dynamics, and breath marks. I'd venture to guess that something is wrong with my palette, but how would I know? How would I fix it?




Try this:
1) Drag your chosen symbol from the bar line pallette onto the appropriate measure. When the measure darkens, release the mouse button. The chosen symbol will affix to the end of the darkened measure.
2) In your score, click on the bar line you wish to change. It will be highlighted blue. Then 'double click' on a symbol in the bar line pallette. It will replace the highlighted bar line.

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