Plugin for randomizing parameters?

• Feb 8, 2015 - 03:07

Are there plugins for randomizing certain parameters?

For example a plugin that would randomize the velocity of notes within a certain range so that they would not sound as mechanically perfect.

Or perhaps a plugin that would slightly randomize the start times of notes.

I don't see such a thing on the list of plugins. Has anyone ever considered it?


Yes, it's a popular request. I suspect a better job could be done by building it into MuseScore, but it is not a high priority, so a plugin for the short term could make sense indeed, if the framework supported the necessary note properties. I'm not sure that it does.

For one very recent discussion of this topic, see

It should be now among the highest priorities! It is an old and very popular request and, years later, we still don't have it. The plugin should:
- Get from the user variance and seed parameters for velocity, note start times and note end times;
- Have a kind of if condition to ensure that the note will still end before the next one start, i.e., avoid that a note on message moves to a position before the last note off for the same note was called.
- Offer the possibility of being effective just on playback and audio/midi export without overwriting the notes' parameters in the MuseScore mscz file. So it would act just at the very output on the midi messages before they are sent to the synthesizers.
- Offer the possibility of overwriting the parameters of the notes in the MuseScore file, at least for the velocities.

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To be clear: the reason this is not a high priority is that playback in general is never as high a priority for MuseScore as notation. But if someone with a sufficient interest and the necessary skills were to volunteer, it is entirely possible those contributions would be accepted. So discussion of what such a facility might look like is certainly welcome!

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There is not much that can be done via a plugin right now in MuseScore 2. We don't have access to start and end of notes so we can only randomize the velocity. If we are just talking about adding a random number to the existing velocity of the note, there you go :

If you want something more involved, it can take from a couple of minutes to a complete PhD or a Google engineer using AI so it's quite hard to give a ballpark figure ;)

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