Selecting Midi-out unit

• Oct 26, 2009 - 08:52


How do I select the midi out device? My MuseCore is running on Windows Vista.

I want MuseScore to send MIDI data to my Yamaha Stage Piano. I have installed "everything" needed for it to work with other programs. I have tested with example Finale.

But ... ? where in MuseScore can I find the list of my installed MIDI devices so that I can choose my installed Yamaha device?

/ Olle


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There is no MIDI out for 0.9.5. Very recently however, lasconic added Jack support for MuseScore (audio & midi) via which you should be able to send the midi further to your yamaha piano. See his screencasts to get a flavor of it. The latest windows prerelease has the Jack integration on board so you should be able to test it.

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